Ms. Regina raises $11,000 for Ukraine and you can help

Oakley Briskman, Legacy Reporter

Photos from Revision Education Facebook page.

Ukraine and Russia are still at war after two months, and the situation is only getting worse, according to a recent email from Ms. Regina Kruglyak. 

Poland has been extremely helpful to Ukraine by providing humanitarian aid four times a week, she said. However, Poland has recently been experiencing war fatigue and over the last few weeks only provided aid once per week. They have also accepted a great number of refugees and will soon be reaching capacity.

Lviv, a Ukrainian city, was considered one of the only remaining “safe” places in Ukraine but has recently come under attack. Three missiles landed in a theater and a church and killed at least seven and left 11 injured. Lviv is where Ms. Regina has been sending the money raised by her fundraiser because that is where she has her contact. 

Before the attack, she said, citizens of Lviv were continuing to go to work which helped the rest of the country by supplying food and resources. 

Ms. Regina co-founded Revision Education, a program that aims to expose students to outdoor education and experiences to further encourage connections with the environment. The program now has an opportunity to donate to help Ukraine and so far has raised over $11,000. This money, she said, is mostly being used for gas to truck resources across the country. It is also being used to buy fabric to create blankets, gloves and hats. Some of the other purchases include flashlights, military vests, batteries and food. 

Apart from the fundraiser, Ms. Regina has been looking for ways to support Ukrainian refugees by finding opportunities to house them here in the U.S. More refugees are now seeking safety in the United States because of the new visa opportunity President Biden just announced which is welcoming up to 100,000 Ukrainians.

If you would like to donate to Revision Education to help Ukraine, here is the link.