Latitude students can vote in upcoming elections

Hana Thomas, Legacy Editor-in-Chief

Latitude students can vote in the upcoming school board elections! 

In 2020, Measure QQ was passed by Oakland residents.  The measure gives 16- and 17-year-olds in Oakland the right to vote in Oakland Unified School District school board elections.  

The November voting is the first school board election since the measure was passed.  School board members are pivotal to the effectiveness of the Oakland public school system, and now Oakland students can have a say in who represents them on the school board.

Three board seats are up for re-election this November, and these board members could be critical to Latitude’s charter renewal in 2024.  The OUSD board will be called upon to vote on the renewal of Latitude High School’s charter petition, which was originally denied (by the same board) in 2018.  

The board seats for districts 2, 4, and 6 are up for re-election. 

Voting is always important, but the student vote in these school board elections is especially significant.  A project led by Portland State University students in 2016 found that less than 15% of eligible voters voted in down-ballot elections like mayor, city council, and school board.  With fewer people coming out for these elections, a single vote holds more power than ever.  

School boards are essential to the functionality of public schools.  School boards evaluate and hire superintendents, set and approve budgets, and make the decisions regarding the opening and closing of public schools.  

In order to vote in these upcoming elec

tions, students must register to vote and submit their vote before Nov. 8.  Students 16 and over will be given the option to pre-register to vote, and will be allowed to vote in school board elections only.  

Students 18 and over can register and vote in this year’s midterm elections, which in Alameda County will include members of the House of Representatives and many state and legislative seats.  Students can register to vote HERE.

More resources for student voting can be found here.