Students hear back from college


Photo credits: Liv Perez

Oakley Briskman

Seniors at Latitude are excited to be hearing back from colleges. Interviews with students revealed some of their acceptances as well as their experiences with the application process, their feelings towards college, and what they want to study.

Seniors so far have heard back from California State University campuses, some of the University of California campuses, and private colleges like MIT and Stanford. Latitude students have been mostly focused on their acceptances from UCs and CSUs. 

“I am feeling really excited because a long time ago I didn’t expect to go to college. Although I am nervous I am ready to move on to the next chapter of my life,” said senior Sonia Mendoza.

Greyson Nichols, a senior and member of the Latitude Rail staff, said it is important to remember that rejections are part of the process. “I understand that it wasn’t very likely I would be accepted with their low acceptance rates,” he said.

Students are excited to be starting learning in their specialized areas. Some of these majors include physics, interior design, pre-med and trade school.

This year’s seniors offered some tips after going through the application process, including:

  • “Make sure you start extra early so that the process isn’t as rushed.” – Greyson Nichols
  • Ask teachers to check applications to make sure you don’t submit the wrong information. – Jenny Ramos
  • Don’t judge yourself when you first start writing. – Sonia Mendoza

Latitude college counselor Liv Perez supported the seniors through this process and reflected on the time spent on applications and students receiving acceptances. “I’m really really positive about overall acceptances,” she said.